Arizona (AZ) Cruiser Academy provides everyday cruisers the opportunity to enhance their skills in an environment that combines slow-speed drills with a road-speed track environment that’s free of the dangers and distractions on public roads. And so much more.

Our unique learning experience creates a pro-motorcycle environment for which riders can improve their skills, learn new techniques in a slow-speed environment, and immediately apply their skills in a safe road-speed track environment.

Come enjoy learning from highly regarded and certified motorcycle coaches using the latest training curriculums and training environments. Practice your skills at road-speed on our world-class track facility – Podium Club @ Attessa – as you hone your cornering, braking, vision, filtering, and other safety-related skills – all while smiling and having a great time.

Join us at our next event and experience motorcycle training like never before.

There is nothing more rewarding than riding with AZ Cruiser Academy


For safety riders a segregated into 3 groups based on experience (Novice, Intermediate, Advance)

Ensuring everyone is in their comfort zone

Track Schedule

7am – Gates open for Vendor set up.
7:30 – Registration Opens & Tech Inspection
8:30 – Riders Meeting
9am – Track goes Hot
12pm – 1pm – Lunch, Sponsor Raffles and Giveaways
1pm – 4pm – Track goes Hot and resume the FUN

Rider Schedule

For safety riders a segregated into 3 groups based on experience (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)

  • 20 minute Paddock training. Practice slow maneuver Apex and S curve training. Enjoy our top tier coaching staff as they help you improve Apex management, Braking and Body position
  • 20 minute Track training. You have an opportunity to follow a coach to on the track to show you different techniques, then follow you to help fine tune your progress.  After each session you will have the opportunity to discuss your progression.
  • 20 minute break. Gas up, get some rest and hydrate. Visit our very cool sponsors and vendors.


We host Track days, Coaching events for Cruisers.


Coaching and track side support available for all riders.


What is AZ Cruiser Academy?

We are enthusiats who want you to enjoy the thrills of riding at the race track.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals invested in making sure you leave a better rider.

What sperates us from the norm is professionalism and structure, with a focus on safety. Our coaching staff is second to none.

All skill levels are encouraged to sign up / register.

Where are the Events?

We host motorcycle events at Arizona’s newest race track the Attesa Podium Club

We focus on safety, skills building and providing world class tracks for our riders to enjoy

The Podium Club – Casa Grande

What is required to ride on track?

We try to make it easy for all riders with track worthy machines to attend our events. Here are the requirements;

  • Clean, leak free motorcycle with good tires
  • Proper safety equipment including a jacket, gloves, boots and full face helmet