Motorcycle Requirements

  • Cruiser style bikes ONLY.
  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition with no visible cracks or dry-rot.
  • Bike must be free of oil, fuel and coolant leaks and missing bolts/screws. All parts must be secure. No loose bolts/fasteners.
  • Headlights, turn signals, and all glass or plastic lenses must be removed or taped over.
  • Kill-switch must be functioning and throttle return should work smoothly without sticking or hanging up.
  • Regular coolant is permitted.
  • Chain not too loose or too tight based on tech discretion.

Rider Requirements

  • Rider must have medical insurance coverage.
  • With safety as our priority – we will NOT ALLOW ANY HELMET / SUIT MOUNTED video hardware. Nothing can interfere with the safety of your equipment.
  • We absolutely welcome the use of motorcycle mounted cameras. Cameras must be secured to the motorcycle by safety wire, zip ties, or a secure tether system. A camera or other debris falling onto an active training area or the track can become a danger another rider. If your camera falls off, we will not stop the days events to look for it. Please notify registration if you lose your camera. We will make every attempt to locate it after the day is complete and return it to you.
  • All equipment must be in “good condition”. Free from major tears or needing repairs.
  • Full fingered gloves that rise above the wrist and have a wrist closure are required. A Velcro wrist closure strap is acceptable.
  • Boots must cover the ankle and rise just below the calf. Road / track boot preferred.
  • Helmet must be DOT or SNELL or Euro compliant. Full face helmets ONLY.
  • Full leather or full jacket with denim pants allowed.
  • Recommend jackets with back, shoulder and elbow padding. Knee pads are also highly recommended.

  • LEATHER STRONGLY preferred.
Failure to meet these requirements will result in the rider not being able to ride on the scheduled event without a refund.